Thursday, 22 August 2013

The quest to find the perfect pink

I've been on a quest to find the perfect colour for my summer holiday which is only two weeks away now and I've recently been trying out a number of different pink nail polishes ever since I've moved away from the traditional pink and white 'French Manicure' look which I've always previously had. I've also moved away from the square shaped nails which I've had for the past 6 or 7 years of having my nails done and decided to try out 'almond' shaped ones. This came about when everyone was obsessing over 'stiletto' nails and I just knew that wouldn't work for me so I tried this shape instead to see how they'd look on my chubby hands..

I've loved them ever since I took the plunge and it's also meant I've had a colour on my nails again for the first time in over a year! I have over 60 different colours and I've only used about 19 :( ..I seem to find one I like, obsess over it for a month or so, get bored, find another and the circle starts again!

It's fun to have a bright colour in summer though and I love it! I usually prefer having the pink and white acrylic over a colour because the edges of the colour gradually get worn off so I'm always sure to take my own polish from home to the nail shop so I can patch anything up if that happens :)

Anyway.. On to the colours!..

When I first moved away from my previous square, pink and white nails I went for a bright pink that was at the shop, it was too thin and I hate when I can see the light through my nails and the brush stokes below is a not so good image of the colour, don't get me wrong it's a great colour but the 'quality' wasn't there for me. I do however love the acrylic flowers I had on both ring fingers but I only have these when I'm in the mood for them! I can't remember the brand unfortunately but if I come across it again I'll update you


So.. I decided to try this beautiful colour by O.P.I it's called 'Japanese Rose Garden' and is such a lovely deep 'thick' colour with very very fine glitter to give it a nice shimmer. I got given this as part of a number of O.P.I colours from, funnily enough a man, as a present for my eighteenth Birthday last year! He has great taste haha ;) 

I absolutely loved this colour, as I said above its just so thick and lovely, it goes on great and whatever polish I have, I always do two coats but I guess you could get away with only one with this! :) (I'll try find a photo of this colour on)

Japanese Rose Garden by O.P.I
RRP: £11.50
Available at:


The next pink I tried was a Models Own colour called 'Pink Punch' which is a very neon pink with a hint of orange to it. It's beautiful for summer and I absolutely love it. I bought this as a set of 15 which I bought from the Models Own website over a year ago now. I'll definitely be going back to it soon, but needed to try one last colour before I go away as I've had this for the past 6 weeks or so!

Pink Punch by Models Own
RRP: £5.00
Available at:


The final colour is one which I bought only last week.. It's a beautiful neon 'pink' pink from Models Own called 'Bubblegum' and I think this is the chosen colour I'll be wearing for my cruise around the Mediterranean Sea! I thought that 'Pink Punch' was a neon pink but after buying and comparing these two colours, it had much more of an orange tone to it.. The comparison of the two is below.

It comes in a frosted bottle which is from their recently launched 'Ice Neon' range where they suggest for you to keep them in the fridge to enhance the colour and keep it from fading. I haven't tried this yet but I might do one day, either way, its a fun novelty bottle! Models Own colours always impress me. They're always such strong colours and are never watery, they usually need two coats and last for a couple of weeks depending on how you wear them.

Bubblegum by Models Own
RRP: £5.00 for a single bottle
£20.00 for the box set which includes 5 polishes
Available at:

I am however disappointed with the bottle. I'm currently wearing this colour as I blog and I was just touching up the ends. I've had it on for about a week now and I've been doing a lot of paper work so they've worn down quicker than usual.. I went to unscrew the lid to the bottle and it came unglued from the brush! The nail varnish from previous use had set the lid in place slightly and broke it to my disappointment. It was easy to fix, I just picked the dried polish off and shoved the brush back on but they obviously don't put much glue on to keep them together. So that's my only downer, but that's only the bottle and can easily be fixed! :)

What colour have you got on your nails at the moment?

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