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What I got for Christmas Photos!

Hey Everybody!

I hope that you've all had a great week and are enjoying your weekend so far. I first of all need to apologise for being so slow on getting round to doing blogs of my videos and keeping you updated on them! Work has just been so mad recently, but I've got some spare time this afternoon to write a few blogs! This is going to be quite a long one, but please bare with me!

So, as you can probably tell by the title, I'm just going to show you all in detail What I got for Christmas 2011, how much it cost if I can find out and where you can get your own!

River Island Black Leather Purse

This purse is absolutely gorgeous, I love it! The leather is so soft and it's for a really funky patent leather design on the front which makes it quite different too. It has loads of compartments for your change, cash and cards and also another two cash slots at the back which opens and closes with those two gold balls you can see at the top of the picture.

RRP: £17.00
Available at: River Island

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Photo Coming Soon!

This is the first gel eyeliner with a brush that I've ever used and to be honest, I was expecting it to be quite tricky but I was proven completely wrong. When I first got it, as always, I like to try things out as soon as possible and within 10 minutes I'd created gorgeous, black flicks along my eyes, which were easier than using a normal liquid eyeliner! I was amazed and now this is all I use, I love it and you have so much control of how much you want to put on and how thick you want your line, it's great, I love it!

RRP: £7.99
Available at: Boots and Superdrug (currently for only £4.99!)

53mm Denman 'Head Hugger' Hair Drying Brush

I've needed a new hair drying brush now for a while, and I didn't actually get given this for Christmas, I got it after, but I guess it still kind of counts! It's absolutely amazing, the hourglass shape of the brush means that you can get it right down to your scalp and helps add amazing volume and shine to your hair easily!

RRP: £10.21
Available at: Boots

Whitening Lightning Super Booster Whitening Pen

My teeth have always bugged me and I've had them whitened a couple of times before and it usually costs a lot for something that only seems to last for just over a week! I was watching someones review on this a few months ago and their results were amazing so I decided to give it a go myself and I can honestly say that in just a week, my teeth were so much whiter and because you have your own whitening method, you can do it as often or little as you like! I really never expected it to work as well as it has and I will be doing a review video on them soon with pictures to show you all! :)

RRP: $79.00 for one
$158.00 for two
 Available atWhitening Lightning

 Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primers the best, they work amazingly and you can get them in several different shades to suit your make-up for the evening. The one which I've got is the original which dried invisibly, it's great for any skin tone because of this and you can apply whatever shades you want on top, it's the chameleon of primers! This is the professional size and you can get them in smaller sizes, I just got this one because I use it so much and it will last me a lot longer. It is quite expensive but can save you £7!

RRP: £22.00
Available at: The only place you buy this online at the moment is from Beauty Bay, it's called the 'Jumbo Original'

15 Models Own Nail Polishes

This collection was chosen entirely by me. Models Own have a fantastic set available where you can buy 15 nail polishes for £50. The great thing is that you get to choose every colour, so you can create your own unique set of stunning polishes without having to buy a pre-made set and not liking any of them! It took me two days to choose which ones I wanted as they have such a wide range you can choose from. Before now, I'd never used their polishes but I decided to drive in at the deep end by buying their largest selection available, and I am not disappointed! I've used two of the colours now and they are so rich, I've had loads of comments on both of them and I take photos each time I get a different colour so I will do a post of swatches so you can see what they look like on, but as you can see, it will probably take me a while to wear all of them, so I'll do few at a time!

RRP: £50.00
Available at: Models Own

Barbour Scarf

Barbour clothes are such amazing quality and I love all their products. I already have a gorgeous Barbour Jacket with a red lining so I got given this at Christmas to match it and I love it! It's so soft, not itchy as you would expect, and is quite long so you can wrap it round your neck several times to keep you warm in the winter!

RRP: Unknown
Available at: Barbour

Valentina by Valentino Perfume & Body Lotion Set

Photos coming soon!

I love this perfume, as I do all my others but this one is different as it's a soft flowery smell. I usually go for stronger ones as I don't like perfumes which don't last all day and are weak. This one however, combines a beautiful soft smell with the strength to last all day which is brilliant! The bottles themselves are beautiful and delicate which reflect the smells inside, and the box is absolutely gorgeous! It has a little handle on the lid and feet on the bottom, I'll definitely be keeping this one to store other little bits!! I didn't expect to like it so much, but it has really grown on me!

RRP: Prices depend on sizes
Available at: The Perfume Shop

Lady Million by Paco Robanne Perfumer & Body Lotion Set

Photos Coming Soon!

I've had this perfume for a while now and was running out so I was lucky enough to get another for Christmas! The smell, is strong and lasts all day long, its quite feminine but powerful. I love this perfume and always wear it whether I'm at home, or going out, it works for anything. Like the Valentina Perfume, the tin it comes in is so cool, it's a golden safe and the dials can turn too. (I thought it was a puzzle to open at first!)

RRP: Prices depend on sizes
Available at: The Perfume Shop

MeBlingBling Phone Case

I love anything that's over the top and sparkly, so this for me was a perfect match! This is such an amazing website, they have so many different designs and even if you can't find the one that you're quite looking for with their amazing range, you can even request your own at an small added cost! If that wasn't enough, they can also create a case for pretty much any smartphone out there as well as iPads and iPods. They're so unique, they take about 3 weeks to arrive, but they're all handmade with Swarovski Crystals and turn your phone into a true statement piece!

RRP: Usually $110.00 currently $79.00!
Available at: MeBlingBling

Enrapture Extremity Heated Hair Rollers

Photo Coming Soon!

I've fallen head over heels in love with these rollers, they are the most amazing things that I've ever used on my hair for curling. They take a matter of minutes to heat up and 10 minutes to cool down, overall creating glamorous curly locks in under half an hour with nearly no effort at all!
This is just a short 'review' of them as I've done a tutorial and will be doing a much longer blog with photos to follow as there is so much amazing stuff to tell you about!

RRP: £75.00
Available at: Boots, Argos and Debenhams

So, that's the end of my essay! I hope you found it useful and if you have any extra questions on anything I've mentioned, then please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below! The ones without pictures will have them as soon as I can get my camera to work again!

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