Monday, 19 August 2013

17 months M.I.A!

Wow! It's been just over 17 months since I last visited my blog, how awful is that!

I am useless at sticking to a lot of things but my love for fashion, beauty and make up lives on!

First of all, I'm sorry for being gone for so long, thank you to all of those who still visit my blog and who've followed me over this time, even though there's been nothing new :)

I think I'm done now with YouTube videos, I enjoyed doing them but some people were just becoming rude and abusive and it's not worth it! I've still kept them all up there for those of you who'd still like to view them, I never claimed to be a professional but some people just love to have a dig don't they.. The only way I might return is to do a give away because I love people who do those, it's nice to give to others and it gets you all excited!

A bit about me in the last year:
- I'm now eighteen, almost nineteen!
- We've got another little puppy, a pug, which now gives us a Shih Tzu, Long Hair Chihuahua, and the sweetest little Pug or Puggy as I call him!
- I've got a load more clothes, shoes and make up since you last saw me! I'm particularly obsessed with Louboutin, but I always have been and I'll post some pictures of mine & my mum's collection ;)
- I'm quite ill at the moment, but that's always me..
- I'm still working in the family business of personalised greeting cards:
- I'd looked at starting up my own 'business' of strassing (applying crystals/bedazzling) designer shoes, but unfortunately I just don't have the time and have only done a pair of my own shoes but I'll be sure to show you those soon..

I had cancelled my year long subscription to Glossy Box after I'd stopped blogging and YouTubing but I've now restarted it (yesterday actually) and I think I'm going to become a prominent blogger because it's quick, easy and fun! I should be receiving my first glossy box next week, hopefully so I'll try everything out and then post it all on here as I would have before.

Sorry, again, see you all soon

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