Thursday, 15 December 2011

NYX Eyebrow Kit & Urban Decay Mascara Review & Video

I hope you've all had a good week so far and there's only 10 days until Christmas!

Yesterday I made a new video - my first proper video - which was a review of the NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil and Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara both of which I bought myself last week.

First of all, I want to start off with that I love both of them, they're both brilliant products and as I'll explain below in more detail, are fantastic at creating any look which you want to suit your style.

So to begin with, I'll talk about the NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil.
It's a very simple kit which includes 3 Plastics stencils one small, one medium and one large so you can choose a size which suits the size and shape of your eyebrows. It also includes 4 shades of powder, one angular brush which you will use to apply the powder to your eyebrows and a eyebrow brush and comb to shape them.
The kit also includes detailed instructions on how to use the product on the inside of the box which are really simple to follow and for me as someone who has never used a product like this before, I created a defined, professional look within 2 minutes of opening the pack!

You can purchase your own Kit from the NYX website and they do kits for Blondes, Brunettes and 'Everyone':
NYX Store
RRP: £13.50
Packaging of the Kit
The Mirror, Instructions, Powders, Tools and Stencils inside the Kit

Comb for Brushing/Shaping your Eyebrows

Angled Brush to apply Powder
(L-R) Large, Medium and Small Stencils

So, now I'll go onto the Urban Decay Ultra Waterproof 'Cannonball' Mascara. To begin with, it's in a lovely black tube with a green/turquoise metallic lid, it is quite a thin but dense, straight brush but still gives a good coating onto your eyelashes. It's ideal if you were wanting a tough mascara that you don't have to top up throughout the day and doesn't budge whilst swimming or in the gym!
As it says in the name, it is extremely waterproof and to help remove it without having to rub your eyes too hard, I would also reccommed buying a eye make-up remover which is made for remover tougher products or I've heard that baby oil can also work just as well!
There's not much more to say about it really other than it's extremely tough, lengthens, defines and leaves your lashes looking gorgeous all day long!

You can buy your own Cannonball Mascara from here:
RRP: £15.00
The lovely Mascara Tube
The Thin, Straight Wand
That's everything from me for now but I hope that this review has been useful to you, if you have any questions or want anymore information about either of these products then either comment below or follow me on twitter and you can ask me on there :)

Don't forget to visit my channel for my latest YouTube videos and watch the video for this review below!

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