Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New name: JadesBeautyBar

After being away for so long, I've now decided that I hated my blog name.

When I first started with my Blog, Twitter and TouTube accounts, I chose the name Jadesigns. This is the name which I design all my cards under for HelloTurtle.com as my main job and I thought I could link them together. I've come to realise that Jadesigns has nothing to do with what I want to portray and build upon whilst blogging. The other problem was that it can be read in two different ways 'Jade-signs' or 'Ja-designs' depending on where you put the emphasis. The proper way to say it was 'Ja-designs', this works well for my job as my name is Jade and I design cards however it still doesn't fit with beauty!

I went through a load of names, testing whether they're available to register and obviously the majority are already taken by other beauty bloggers :(

I wanted something to do with beauty as that is prodominently what I'll be blogging about and fashion etc. will come with that also but they aren't my main focus. After trying over 30 different names I came up with, that every one had beat me to, I came up with 'JadesBeautyBar'. Jade will relate it to me, beauty is what I'll be blogging about and bar was just a cute touch on the end!

I'm always thinking about the future anyway and one day I'll be owning my own beauty salon where you can have every treatment under the sun, so I guess I've got a name for it already! ;)

I've changed my header now and will change a few bits to match on my YouTube account for those who still visit so that they can be directed to the right place.

I'm hopefully going to be receiving my GlossyBox tomorrow, although I'm not entirely sure whether it's July or August, so I'll post that up hopefully before the weekend.

Have a lovely rest of your week, what do you think of my new name?

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