Thursday, 19 September 2013

Home Again!

I'm now back home from my 10 day holiday and I have such an amazing time!

As I mentioned in my previous blogs about how much I loved cruises, this one was just the same. Waking up late to a different country each morning, hot weather, all you can eat ice cream and amazing dinners, I want to go back already!

I've got literally hundreds of photos of it all. I'm usually awful for taking photos, I always regret it afterwards but this time I was determined to capture as much as possible so now my phone is full of them, mission accmplished.

As I write this paragraph, I've yet to upload them to my computer as I like to document and save them all on here so in a minute I'll do that and then add some below in a diary form - sort of!

When I got back my Glossy Box had been left outside our gate, for at least 3 days in the rain :( but fortunately it hadn't wrecked the box or any of the products, only the outer posting box which I was thankful for! This month's box is the London Edition, I had a quick look at the items at 11:30pm the other night when I got home but I haven't had a chance to try them yet as I've been so busy already. I'll try get that done by the end of this week but worst case scenario, it will definitely be next week.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.. On to the photos..

Day 1
Cipriani Hotel, Venice Italy
 In the water taxi on the way to the Cipriani Hotel

The view from my room's balcony

Day 2
Embarkation Day, Venice Italy
Embarking the Norwegian Jade

The view of Venice docks from our sundeck

Day 3
Dubrovnik, Croatia
 The view of Dubrovnik, Croatia from our sundeck

The Dubrovnik starting to set

Day 4
Day at Sea
My brother and I went for a walk on this day around the ship and got to the back of the boat where you could see the wake left behind us. I personally love this photo!

Day 5
Piraeus, Greece
 I took this photo as we were coming in to Pireaus Port, Greece at 6a.m. It was still dark, the street lights were all still on and the sun was starting to come up.

Day 6
Izmir, Turkey
That afternoon once we'd left the port, we sailed in to a huge storm. The lightning was amazing and you couldn't even see the water next to you it was such thick fog!

Day 7
Day at Sea
No photos for this day :(

Day 8
Split, Croatia
This was the most beautiful place we visited by far! It was so windy and there were hundreds of sailing boats on the water all day long.
The sky and sea were so pretty and little houses were dotted all over the sides of the hills.

Day 9
Debarkation Day and Cipriani Hotel, Venice Italy
 At the hotel they had a little pond at the front full of fish and when we arrived a family of four tortoises were out by the side of it.. They were so cute!

After we'd got off the boat and back to the hotel we got straight by the pool to get some last bits of sun as it was so hot.

Day 10
Cipriani Hotel, Venice and Home Time :(
 Before we flew home in the afternoon, my Mum and I took the hotel's boat over to 'mainland Venice' as I wanted some new sunglasses and managed to get this photo from St. Marc's Square among all the tourists.

 We then came back to the hotel and had lunch in the Pool Bar restaurant which sits on the dock.

This photo was taken while flying home, high above the clouds!

I loved this holiday so much, I can't wait to do the same again although we're planning on going on a cruise around Alaska next summer then going to my second home, Whistler, Canada for a couple of weeks :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

I'm in Venice!

Well after a complete nightmare this morning with flight times and a suitcase of ours being left behind I'm now relaxing in my beautiful room in Venice, Italy!

I absolutely love it here, it's at least my fourth consecutive year here and it never ceases to amaze me. We always get a 'water taxi' from the airport to our hotel (as there aren't any roads!) it's just out of this world and such an amazing experience.

We're staying at the Hotel Cipriani and have previously stayed at the Danielli,where Daniel Craig stayed when they were filming a James Bond film, and also the Luna Baglioni. The Cipriani is by far my most favourite hotel, first of all they have a massive pool and it's so quiet peaceful as opposed to previous hotels I've stayed in which are on the main island of Venice so it's full of tourists 24/7. This is out on a little island opposite St Marc's Square and the gardens are absolutely stunning, I'm in love!

Tomorrow I'm getting on to the Norwegian Jade ship to go on a 7 day cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. I'm so excited, I can't wait to wake up in the morning and take another water taxi to the port.

Below are some of the many photos I've already taken and all add some more whilst on the cruise throughout the week!

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