I started this blog in November of 2011. At this time I also made a YouTube channel where I posted reviews, tutorials and outfits of the day and general things like that. It first came about when I was reading and watching other established Bloggers and YouTubers posts. I'd look at them and think 'I can do that'! So I did, it didn't last too long and I never really seem to stick to things for too long, I just always have so many things I want to do then change my mind, I guess it's the Libra in me!

I've now 'given up' with the YouTube videos and think I'll stick to blogging as it's much quicker and easier to do anywhere in the world! I post about my beauty finds and favourites as well as reviews on different purchases with a bit of fashion thrown in to the mix too.

I'm eighteen and currently living in the United Kingdom with my family. I was born here and have lived here in Nottinghamshire ever since, out in the lovely quiet countryside. I have three beautiful dogs, an eclectic bunch but they're so fun and all have amazing characters!

I love going on holiday with my family each year. My favourite summer holiday is a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea and my favourite winter holiday is skiing in Whistler, Canada which I've done every Christmas for the last 10 years. I love sweets and also have a slight obsession for Christian Louboutin.

You can also find me on Instagram and YouTube.

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