Saturday, 11 February 2012

3 Models Own Nail Varnishes!

Hi Everyone!

As I said in my What I got for Christmas 2011 video I got 15 Nail Varnsihes from Models Own! :)

This will obviously take me a while to wear all of them, but I'll post three colours at a time to keep you all updated! :D

Number 1. Scarlet Sparkle

This is an absolutely gorgeous vibrant sparkly red. I wore it just after Christmas as it's so festive but can still be worn at any time of year. It is FULL of glitter and looks beautiful as it reflects so much light and really stands out, this is definitely already one of my favourites! :)

Scarlet Sparkle
RRP: Single Polish £5.00
Available at: Models Own

Number 2. Purple Grey

This colour is great for me as I have quite pale skin naturally, so in the winter it looks really good! :) It's a deep purple with a hint of grey but it's still a lovely colour, great for this season. It's a matte colour but with a top coat it has a great shine to it.

Purple Grey
RRP: Single Polish £5.00
Available at: Models Own

Number 3. Raspberry Crush

This final colour is beautiful! It's a vibrant pink/red, I know it's more of a summery colour, but I LOVE having pink nails and have resisted it for so long, I ended up giving in to this gorgeous colour. It's matte, but with a good top coat stands out and I've had loads of comments on it! :)

Raspberry Crush
RRP: Single Polish £5.00
Available at: Models Own

I'll post more pictures of the other colours as and when I get round to wearing them! :)

Have you got any Nail Polishes from Models Own?!


  1. I've got the purple grey too, I'm quite pale (and a neutral-cool) and it looks really good on me!

    1. I love it, it's such a rich colour! :) x


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