Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Glossy Box December!

This is my first blog/review of a Glossy Box so it will be in a little more detail than the rest of the ones I'll do in following months but I'll keep it as interesting as possible! :)

So for December they changed the colour of the box from it's usual dusty pink to this gorgeous patent red. Inside the box, it has a bow tied around the products and is sealed with a Glossy Box sticker. It's always exciting to see what's in the Glossy Bx each month, that's part of the fun and the gorgeous products you get are a bonus!

Every month with your Glossy Box, you get a card showing you what you've got, how much it is in full size, where you can buy your own from, a URL to scan with your phone and sometimes they offer you exclusive offers on the products too! Along with this, this month, we also received a 'Glossy Box for Men' card advertising their new product available for males who want to experience Glossy Box too!

Number 1. Blink + Go Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

This is such a cute, handy compact. It comes with a small mirror, 6 eyeshadow shades, 2 blush shades and a double ended brush. It's just everything you need for a day out and is the perfect size for your handbag.
The colours are highly pigmented and vibrant. You can get different palettes but I love the one which I was sent as the colours are exactly what I would normally use. The eye shadows are perfect for smoky eyes and the blushes are beautiful.

I will add a photo of the colours close up as soon as I can!

RRP: £14.95
Available at: Blink and Go

Number 2. Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss

I love this colour, it's a really light pink with lots of sparkle. It adds a shine and sparkle to your lips as well as a little bit of colour. One thing which I hate about normal lip glosses is that they're so sticky and your hair gets stuck to your lips which is so annoying, but this wasn't sticky at all and looks beautiful on, I'm so please with it!

RRP: £10.00
Available at: Cargo Cosmetics

Number 3. Deborah Lippmann Nail Varnish & Stripper to Go Sachet

I've never heard of Deborah Lippmann products before but I've already had a look at some of her polishes and they are absolutely gorgeous so I will be purchasing some of my own soon! This colour is gorgeous!! Its a purple/red/pink glitter filled colour and is so beautiful. It's called Razzle Dazzle so the name says it all really! I only tried it on one finger the other day but it looks great on and when I get round to wearing it, I'll take a photo and put the swatch along with a full review in a later blog! It also comes with this amazing nail polish remover which works amazingly, I was stunned by how quickly and easily it brought it off and I'll also be buying some of those too!

RRP: Polish £16.00
Stripper to Go (Pack of 6) £14.00
Available at: House of Fraser

Number 4. Nip + Fab Spot Fix

I, as a lot of us do have the odd development of a spot and it's one of the worst things and always appears when you least want it! I've always used face wipes and tea tree things to treat and blemishes but I decided to give this a go on a small red lump which was a little sore, I put a bit on before bed and by the next morning it had completely gone, and no more pain! I was so pleased and you can use it as and when you please so there are no time limits on how often to use it, it works instantly and I'm going to continue using it as and when I need to!

RRP: £9.95
Available at: Nip and Fab

Number 5. Rituals Foaming Shower Gel

If you've ever tried Imperial Lather Shower Gel and loved it, then you're most certainly going to love this! It's just the same, you put it into your hand as a gel and as soon as it touches water, it turns into a foam. I love it just for that reason never mind the refreshing smell. I received Fresh Eucalyptus & Rosemary which is great to use in the morning to wake you up and the foam is also good to use if you shave your legs in the shower too! :)

RRP: £6.50
Available at: Ritual Shops or Rituals Store Online

Overall, I'm please with this months Glossy Box and can't wait to receive next months and show you all! :)

You can buy your own Glossy Box subscription here.

You can also watch my video review of it here!

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